What is Trademark Search? What is Search Report?


A search report for a trademark is AN thoroughgoing report that contains search results. it’s helpful for individuals or businesses UN agency need to register their trademark before they submit AN application and got to understand all concerning the supply, similar marks, and alternative details. These reports area unit unremarkably collected by specialist achievement companies and may be requested by lawyers.

Steps to try to to Trademark Search

Start with online Search

You can begin by looking for yourself with a reasonably reliable mark. Check services or merchandise provided in your elite trade. This quest can unremarkably be performed on-line.

What if somebody uses includes a similar symbol?

If your search indicates that you just already use one or considerably kind of like one in use, you’ll have to be compelled to take into account another label. it’s frustrating to influence this, however during this case, it’s necessary that you just decide another mark. you’ll face pricey legal consequences if you {do not} look or do not understand the results of an enquiry that indicates that a mark is that the same as or an excessive amount of as yours.

Do you want an expert for a search?

You may need to use an expert search company if your initial search doesn’t result in doable conflicts, as well as your own. the businesses can compilation a comprehensive report for the subsequent trademarks: it prices lots of to some thousand greenbacks to rent a specialist company reckoning on the quality of the search. Before causing AN application to the Trademark workplace you are doing not got to perform an enquiry, however it actually is usually recommended.

Many tiny corporations like better to chuck skilled searches unless they will sign a distribution or contract wherever they swear to not infringe on a trademark or if they have calmness, thus there are not any current logos.

Need for Trademark search for Business

The need of the Hour

The lawyers of the marks advise shoppers to look the mark till they see the term and money involvement. The seek for the trademark would take two full days simply. Firstly, the Indian Trademark register information could be a knockout or preliminary scan. The second is that the full or broad search that’s distributed when the preliminary search. an expert search agency is needed for a whole search. once it involves logos, many of us have an equivalent reasonably issues. the primary is, why does one explore for a trademark? many of us raise this question in many ways. And could be a quest conjointly necessary? Most value more highly to stop wanting and easily file the appliance with the trademark.

Expand the search of trademark

The look for trademark matches are often easy with the Ministry of economic science and alternative registries; but, it’s tough to acknowledge names and writing system variations. Moreover, the search for design are often far more sophisticated. you may have to be compelled to verify whether or not some other person has already demanded or registered as a trademark a logo that you just need to use in Republic of India for an equivalent product or services. 3 forms of searches area unit allowed:

Search for Word – word search, category search, sensible or service outline

Search for Mark – Code and sophistication search in Vienna, and

Search for Phonetic -Word search and sophistication and therefore the sound of a word label.

Advantage of Trademark Search

– turning away of expenditure, on a notice which can not be on the market, on cash and energy.

– Have time and adaptability to alter the label before the product and services area unit introduced.

– the prices related to forced rebranding ought to be avoided for business distraction.

– Dispute proceedings ought to be stopped.

– Giving input into a way to brainstorm a mark that’s awake to doable problems with registration.

But one ought to think about the look for logos beforehand, for of these functions and to stop all the waste of your time and cash.

Trademark Search Report

It is extremely suggested that AN knowledgeable trademark lawyer request a proper opinion before applying for registration or participating within the manufacture, trade, or advertisement. UN agency can review the mark and perform an in depth check on the trademark information concerning the supply and registration of the planned mark? The Search Report for a thulium professional would represent the teams within which the proposal for a mark is to be submitted, with most security reckoning on the goods/services being set within the native country and also the activity of the corporate in these transactions. additionally, he can draft AN acceptable definition of the category trademark to be filed.

The attorney’s report in question could be a careful report that makes it doable for the decision-maker to anticipate the likelihood of the trademark registration from the purpose of read of absolutely the grounds for refusal as provided for in Section nine and also the relative grounds for refusing as provided for in Section eleven of the Trademark Act. It conjointly highlights the chance of objection from third parties or any proceedings.

Benefits of Trademark Search Report

Trademark search reports and edges we want to understand that registration of marks is protracted, typically around a one.5-year section to grasp the advantages of the trademark search report. The key issue is that the examination by the examiner of the trademark application. On the subsequent basis, the inspector shall review the relevant registration.

Under Section nine of the law on marks, that sets out absolute grounds for rejection, the appliance could also be allowable. browse any data on absolutely the reasons why Section nine ought to be denied.

Under section eleven of the Act that lays down the relative grounds for refusing registration, if the appliance are often allowable

Normally it takes six to eight months for the take a look at report back to be printed, which generally includes a reply before the soul will build his submissions supported the examiner’s findings. The whole homeowners had already created substantial investments before the soul became tuned in to potential hurdles within the registration of the trademark. If it’s denied, the name might stay unprotected, and no organization prefers to try to to thus.


Trademark search prevents North American nation from wasting cash, offers flexibility and time for product and repair startups, removes the prices of distraction from corporations, prevents proceeding cash from a dispute, and provides insights into future problems regarding registration. For of these functions, once considering trademark looking out prior to, you must avoid wasting cash and time. The trademark search could be a major investment and also the prospective trademark political leader is extremely suggested. All registered logos in Republic of India in every category within which the mark falls area unit searched in nice detail in our reports. Our lawyers report. The index conjointly scans for all trademark applications unfinished. additionally to looking out, the study conjointly takes into consideration the status of the markings per se. The report helps to save lots of gratuitous expenditure for a whole that’s unlikely to register or which might promptly raise legal issues with the corporate.

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