What Is the Name Change Procedure In India?

In India, people change their names for a variety of reasons. You may want to change your identity due to marriage, astrology, numerology, or another reason. The process of changing one’s name involves a number of administrative steps. In the same way, don’t worry if you don’t understand how to change your name.

The name change process involves several important factors. Before we go through them, let’s look at some of them. In general, 

  1. Name changes: what are they?
  2. The reasons for changing the name
  3. A name change requires the following documents
  4. Here is a sample and format of an affidavit for a newspaper
  5. Procedure for conducting a Vakilsearch

What is a Name Change?

In the event of birth, marriage, or adoption, a person’s name can be changed to one that differs from their given name. 

Additionally, a person’s newly adopted name becomes their legal name if they change their name, and it is important to remember that a name change has legal consequences. One should therefore carefully consider the legal implications of a name change before making a decision.

A name change may be necessary for a number of reasons

Changing a name requires the following documents

  • A newspaper advertisement (original and a photocopy) 
  • Declaration of name change in an affidavit  
  • In addition, please provide the prescribed format for the name modification form. Here are some details from the performa: 
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number

Note – 

The above-mentioned information must be endorsed by two witnesses and the performa must be authenticated by both witnesses.

  • The Affidavit and other supporting documents are contained on a Compact Disk (CD). Signatures must be replaced with the old name of the applicant 
  • Moreover, a certificate that states that the information on the CD resembles the information on the hard copy 
  • The individual requesting a name change must also provide two passport-sized photos
  • The following should be Xeroxed 
  • Aadhaar card
  • An international passport
  • Identification card for voting
  • PAN card
  • Driving license

Newspaper Publication Format

In addition to the affidavit, at least two local newspapers must be selected for publication of a notification or advertisement of the name change (one English newspaper and one regional newspaper in the national official language or vernacular language). Furthermore, the newspaper should publish the individual’s new name, their old name, and their home address. Also, the newspaper advertisements should be preserved for future use and reference. The only real requirement is to make a copy, but it is recommended that you keep a few extras for protection.

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