The best way to register for GST online?

Who is needed to record GST REG-01?

In general, the ordinary taxpayer can follow for registration via way of means of submitting Form GST REG-01 even as there are different styles of registration for different magnificence of persons. Form GST REG-01 is relevant to ordinary taxpayer different than: 1.Non-Resident taxable character 2.A character required to deduct TDS below phase fifty one 3.A character required to acquire TCS below phase fifty two 4.A character offering on-line statistics and database get admission to or retrieval (OIDAR) offerings from an area outdoor India to a non-taxable on-line recipient Normal taxpayer is residual class in which such taxable character shall now no longer fall any of the required taxpayer class in GST. It is profitable to be aware that E-trade can also additionally require to sign up as Normal Taxpayer in addition to Tax Collector [TCS] if require to acquire TCS. Here know more about GST registration in puducherry.

GST Registration Procedure:

In order to use for a brand new GST registration, the applicant has to record Form GST REG-01 in parts – Part A and Part B.
Step 1: Select ‘New Registration’ from the Radio Button and fill the simple statistics
Step 2: Verify your electronic mail identity notification and cell via way of means of validating the OTP dispatched to your registered electronic mail identity notification and cell range
Step 3: After verification of e mail identity notification and cell range, a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be generated. It is a completely unique 15-digit reference range require to continue similarly to fill the Part B of GST REG-01. It is legitimate for 15 days from the date

Filing of Part B of GST REG-01:
Step 1: Click on Services > Registration > New Registration

Step 2: Select ‘Temporary Reference Number’ from the Radio Button, fill the specified statistics and click on ‘Proceed’.

Step 3: On subsequent screen, input the OTP despatched on registered cell range and e mail identityentification and click on continue to fill information in Part-B of REG-01.

Step 4: Click on Action Button to start the manner to fill Part-B of GST REG-01. The popularity of utility will be modified from ‘Draft’ to ‘Pending for Validation’ on submission of Part A.

Step 5: Furnish the statistics required in 10 Major Tabs, inter-alia, Business Details, Promoter/ Partners, Place of Business, Goods and Services, Bank Accounts, etc.

Step 6: In the final tab, affirm the utility and Submit with any of the 3 following options: a)Submit with Digital Signature b)Submit with E-Signature c)Submit with EVC

Step 7: Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt is despatched on the email cope with and cell telecell smartphone range. On receipt of an utility, an acknowledgement will be issued electronically to the applicant in Form GST REG-02.

Step 8: Once all of the information are verified, the GST registration will be issued in GST REG-06.

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