Registration Documents in India for Societies

Associating several people for the purpose of deliberating, governing, and acting cooperatively, a society is an association that uses mutual consent as its foundation. Generally, societies are incorporated for the purpose of advancing charitable activities, such as sports, music, culture, religion, art, and education.

As per the Society Registration Act, in India, certain procedures must be followed for the registration and operation of a society. To enhance the legal stipulations of society registration to advance literature, fine art, science, or the dissemination of awareness for bountiful purposes, this act was implemented. There have been several state governments that have accepted the society registration act of 1860 without or with further amendments.

Registration Documents in India for Societies

The following documents are required for Society Registration in India:

In addition to the application, the PAN card of all members of the proposed society must be submitted.

In addition to the residence proof of the society’s members, the following can be accepted as valid residence proof:

  • Statement of Accounts
  • Card issued by Aadhaar
  • Bill for utilities
  • License for driving
  • The passport

It is necessary to prepare a memorandum of association containing the following clauses and information:

  • A society’s work and objectives.
  • Members of the society are listed below.
  • A registered office address will be included.

Also, the society’s rules and regulations will need to be prepared and will include the following information:

  • A set of rules and regulations set out the rules and regulations by which the society is governed and daily activities are maintained.
  • Membership rules will be included in it.
  • The frequency of the society’s meetings should be mentioned, as well as the details of the meetings themselves.
  • The Auditors’ information.
  • Disputes between members of society can be arbitrated in various forms.
  • It will also be discussed how society can be dissolved

A new set of rules can be adopted only after the President, Chairman, Vice President, and Secretary have signed the new set.

All founding members of the society will sign a letter covering the purpose or objective for which the society is being formed.

Copies of the proof of address where the society’s registered office is located, as well as a letter of consent from the landlord, if any.

It is necessary to provide a list of all the members of the governing body, together with their signatures.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Society’s process: what is it?

Registration of a society can lead to free education, free treatment, literature, fine arts, science, literature, or dissemination of objective political knowledge. In accordance with section 20 of the Societies Act, 1860, societies may be registered for the following purposes:

The promotion of fine arts

  • Education in Politics: Diffusion
  • The grant of charitable assistance
  • The promotion of science and literature
  • Establishment of a military orphan fund
  • Maintaining or establishing public museums or galleries
  • Reading Rooms and Libraries: Maintenance and Foundation
  • Diffusion or instruction of knowledge that is helpful

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