Myths About Company Registration

Entrepreneurs who want to register their business are often overwhelmed by a number of common misconceptions about the process.They struggle to register their business because they are intimidated by legal procedures.Owners of a business need to be aware of a few myths before registering it.When it comes to the legal process, this article dispels the common misconceptions about the opc company registration process.

Investment of Shares

It is completely false to assert that only natural persons can be shareholders or owners of a company.Consolidated organizations can put resources into different enterprises since they are “fake people”.

The Company’s Share Capital

It is incorrect to assume that the company’s shares must be deposited in a bank upon incorporation.A Private Limited Company will undoubtedly provide entrepreneurs with the greatest flexibility.Changes to the business’s capital, official address, and many other aspects can be made immediately after incorporation.

Legal Department Upkeep

Is Considered Expensive In a business, upkeep of the legal teams is thought to be very expensive.Accounting and tax returns are relatively inexpensive procedures.Skilled accounting professionals can provide the services of chartered accountants and company secretaries at a reasonable cost.

Renewal of the Registration

Is it necessary to annually renew the registration of a company whose registration is entirely false?In essence, the business is only registered once.Until the company is wound up, it will continue to exist.Fraudsters who want more money are not trustworthy, so don’t believe them.The annual returns need only be submitted to the ROC (Registrar of Companies) and the income tax department. You no longer need to meet this requirement

This also reduces the cost of setting up a company. Forming a limited liability company is time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, our services make the formation of a limited liability company easy, convenient and cost-effective.


The future of the enterprise largely depends on the structure chosen. It’s important to consider all aspects of your business before making this decision. Like any other business structure, a limited liability company has its own strengths and weaknesses to meet business needs and avoid software myths.

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