An Overview of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

In addition, the HRMS and Payroll Specialist is responsible for ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and compliance of the HRM system in accordance with various governing bodies, as well as for the payroll function. The incumbent is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the HR Management System and monitors the performance of the system on a consistent basis to identify processes that need to be improved as part of the implementation process. As part of his job, the incumbent performs testing of the system, implements updates, and controls access to the system as well as security measures. As well as being in charge of payroll, the HRMS and Payroll Specialist is also responsible for the processing of payroll on behalf of all employees in Ottawa, Ottawa-hired employees in Regional Offices (expatriates), and overseeing payroll services on behalf of Locally Engaged Staff (LES) in those offices.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) responsibilities and duties

Ensure that the HR Management System configuration of IDRC is maintained in accordance with the policies and practices of the HR and Finance departments, with collective agreements, and with employee manuals.

  • Provides relevant production support, including research and resolving problems, including preparing the system for the implementation of updates by performing system testing before releasing the new version.
  • Coordination and implementation of changes to the payroll system in cooperation with the service provider and other internal stakeholders (Finance, IMT, and others) so as to maintain the timeliness and accuracy of the implementation of policy and collective agreement changes as well as enhancements to the payroll system;
  • In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that the payroll system is configured in a manner that ensures compliance with IDRC payroll and health benefit policies, as well as with the collective agreement, and for maintaining information on changes in the organizational structure and employee movements within IDRC;
  • Prepares and/or interprets specifications for interfaces with other systems, as required, in accordance with its responsibilities. Manages interface projects with IMTD and/or vendors in order to ensure timely completion of the project. The role of the interface tester is to test and implement interfaces;
  • Provides technical support to all modules within the HRMS system (Benefits, Time and Attendance, Workflow, Learning, Talent, Health and Safety, etc.

Payroll and accounting reports

  • Calculate and adjust accruals according to the payroll entries, and provide accurate reconciliation of all payroll entries;
  • The duties of this position include preparing payroll remittances on a monthly basis, as well as performing reports for the general ledger.
  • Using the payroll system, prepare general ledger entries (GL entries) for the upcoming month by preparing payroll and accounting journal entries, adjustments and corrections, verifying the financial coding, ensuring data integrity, and adhering to all internal accounting rules and policies.
  • Reconcile all Payroll liability accounts in General Ledger so that they are accurate;
  • Ensure that all payments to the government, benefit carriers, and the like are reviewed and approved;
  • Ensure that Employer Health Tax contributions (EHT) are reconciled annually with Public Service Management Insurance Plans and Public Service Health Care Plans as well as different insurance reports pertaining to Canadian and overseas coverage.
  • In Dayforce, maintain the setup and reporting of the General Ledger account.


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