How to Verify a Shop and Establishment License Online in India

The term ‘establishment’ under the Shops and Establishments Act refers to a shop or any other business establishment. These include Indian businesses such as shops, restaurants, and cafés, for which the government has enacted a number of rules and regulations that vary from state to state.

How to Verify a Shop and Establishment License Online in India: Shops and Establishments License Act

It is an Act to consolidate and amend the law governing the regulation of working hours, wage payment, leave, holidays, terms of service, and other employment conditions of persons employed in shops, commercial establishments, and establishments for public entertainment or amusement, as well as to address some related issues.

Who Can Apply for the Shop and Establishment License?

The following establishments need to apply for the shop and establishment act license:

  • Wholesalers or the retailer’s shops and establishments
  • Service centers
  • Warehouses, store-rooms, and godowns
  • Hotels
  • Eating joints and restaurants
  • Entertainment houses, amusement parks, theaters
  • Additionally, any other working places.

Why Is It Necessary for Businesses in India to Obtain a Shops and Establishments License?

  • The Shop and Establishment License protects the rights of employees who work in places like hotels, restaurants, and theatres.
  • This Act also aims to improve working conditions for these workers by regulating their salary, holidays, and incentives, among other things.

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