How To Register Shop & Establishment Online

In each state, business and shop registration is mandatory for those starting a business or shop.

Under the respective state laws, it is mandatory to register a shop or business. As a new business or shop, we need to obtain Shop & Establishment registration within 30 days of commencing operations, as stipulated by the respective state act. The application should be submitted to the local municipality in the state where you plan to operate.

As a Central Bill, the Shops and Establishment Registration (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) consolidated and amended employment laws for shops and establishments. The Bill has been adopted by several State Governments, so only a brief overview is provided. A key unifying requirement is that all shops and establishments must obtain a Shop & Establishment License before they can operate in any state.

Due to the different laws and regulations of each state, we provide a one-stop solution where we procure your license, and you only have to provide us with the necessary information. In this way, you won’t have to read through the verbose legalese, and you’ll be able to focus more on the business or establishment that you run rather than on getting a license! 

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A Shop & Establishment Registration is required by all states in order to obtain a license within 30 days of commencing operations as well as display it prominently. In addition, this license serves as a foundation for commercial approvals and is therefore always proof of such approvals further down the road.

Registration Process For Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration is available through start India’s legal services platform, offering trade licenses, ISO certification, MSME registration, and other services.

  • The Shops & Establishments License can be obtained by signing up with our service
  •  You will receive a list of documents required for the same, as applicable to the jurisdiction where your business is located.
  • Please send us the required documents
  • A basic acknowledgment will be delivered to you from the concerned Municipal Authority
  • Within 10 working days, a hard copy of your license will be issued to you unless any documents are found

The Shop and Establishment License has what advantages?

The following are some of the advantages of registering your business:

  1. A shop license provides legal recognition to the shop or establishment.
  2. This registration serves as a prerequisite for further registrations.
  3. Since this license serves as proof of business, it can be used to obtain additional registrations in India.
  4. A Shop and Establishment License is also necessary to open a bank account in a shop or establishment’s name.
  5. Business licenses facilitate raising investment capital for a proposed business establishment through Venture Capital or Loans.

What is the process for “Getting a Shop License?”

The process for obtaining an Establishment Registration Certificate differs from state to state. It is available online and in person.

 In order to obtain the registration certificate online, the business owner or proprietor must access the State Labour Department’s website. shop and establishment registration online Act applications must be completed by the proprietor or owner, documents must be uploaded, and fees must be paid. The fees vary by state. Once the application is approved, the registration certificate will be issued to the business owner or proprietor.

 Obtaining the registration certificate offline requires completing the registration application and submitting it to the Chief Inspector for the respective area, as well as paying the specified fee. A registration certificate will be provided to the owner or proprietor once the Chief Inspector has confirmed that the application is correct.

 Among the information in the registration application form are the name of the employer and establishment, the address and category of the establishment, the number of employees, and others. Shop and Establishment Certificates must be renewed before their expiration date. There are varying durations for Shop and Establishment Certificates. Some states issue lifelong certificates, while others issue one- to five-year certificates.

In what ways does the Shop and Establishment Act govern businesses?

There are several provisions of the Shop and Establishment Act governing key aspects of Indian establishments and shops.

As a result of the Shop and Establishment Act, the following are regulated:

  1. Laborers and employees are allowed to work a maximum number of hours per day.
  2. Rest and mealtimes are permissible.
  3. A regulatory framework for prohibiting child labor in factories.
  4. Employing women.
  5. Employees are required to take weekly holidays.
  6. Listed establishments and shops have closed or off days.


A license for a shop or establishment gives an entity a legal identity when carrying out a trade, profession, or company registration. As a result, an entity will not be subject to government inspections or surveys if it has this license because it is a registered commercial establishment under the law.


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