How to Change Your Name

Numerous causes exist for why people alter their names. Marriage or divorce are by far the most frequent causes for last name changes. Additional factors include:

  • Stage name in entertainment
  • Gender Change
  • State Witness Initiative
  • Uncertain History
  • Unfavorable birth name
  • Bring Back a Former Name
  • Family Conflict

Although changing your name is not a difficult process, it does take time and effort. To effectively change your name, numerous actions must be taken, some of which may be tedious. Simply introduce yourself with your new name when you want to change it in social situations. The challenging part is updating all of your documentation, including your identification card, social security card, credit cards and birth certificate. The name change procedure to successfully changing your name are as follows.

Step 1: Clerk of Court

The first step in changing your name is to visit the county clerk’s office in your community. You can learn whether you need legal representation there, but normally your county clerk’s office will provide you with self-help material so you can complete the name change without paying a lawyer. It’s important to visit your local county clerk’s office to obtain this information because each state has its own system.

Which items should you bring to your county clerk’s office?

What you’ll need is as follows:

  • State-issued ID that is valid
  • Utility Bill or Pay Stub as Proof of Residence
  • Name and Social Security Number
  • Finances for Forms and Information Packets
  • a writing pen

Step 2: Arrange a wedding ceremony

A marriage ceremony performed by the state is reasonably priced. When performed by a marriage officiant, the majority of states charge between $25 and $60. Depending on the state, a marriage ceremony must be performed between 30 and 90 days after the date the marriage license was issued.

Where? – A state-conducted marriage ceremony is normally conducted in the county clerk’s office. It’s not spectacular, but it works and is reasonably priced.

The original marriage licence must be returned to the County Clerk’s office within the state-mandated timeframe, which is often within 10 business days, by the competent individual performing the marriage ceremony. The marriage will be processed and formally recorded by the county recorder’s office.

Step 3: Obtain a Certified Copy.

A certified copy of your original marriage licence should be requested. If you want to alter your name on important documents like IDs and bank cards, it costs money but is necessary.

Name Change on Social Security Card

Price: Free

Change requests cannot be submitted online; in-person submissions are required.

Complete and print Form SS-5.

Visit a Local SSA Office by providing your zip code to change the name on your Social Security card. Once you’ve located the office, you may either stop by during business hours or call to schedule a meeting.

Bring your marriage certificate or divorce decree if you just got hitched or divorced.

Your name will automatically be updated with the IRS if you change it with the Social Security Administration.


1.Can I Change My Name If My Marriage Is Common Law?

Only a few states still recognise the idea of common law marriage. Since there is no official ceremony in this kind of partnership, it’s typical for couples to consider alternative methods of legalising their union. Using the same last name is one of the simplest ways to make a couple feel more wedded. The process is a little bit more difficult for common law spouses than it is for couples who are legally married, who can easily change last names.

Anyone may request a name change, but if you want state or government organisations to accept it, you must abide by the laws in your state. For instance, you can change your last name on social media without a court order, but you’ll probably need to file a motion (request) with the court and show that you’ve taken the required actions to comply with the law if you want your driver’s licence or Social Security card to reflect your new name.

Although it is not a difficult process, changing your legal name can be expensive depending on where you live. For further information on the laws in your state, speak with an expert lawyer.

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