How to Apply Trademark Registration Online?

What is Trademark?

As you can see, trademarks can be anything from phrases, logos, designs, and combinations of colours and shapes, and are intended to differentiate a brand from its competitors, and it denotes a brand or a product from its competitors. The trademark is regarded as the most valuable asset of a business, and customers can easily distinguish your products and services from those of your competitors if you have a unique trademark.

How to Apply Trademark Registration Online?

Our highly experienced professionals can assist you with the application for registration of trademark and give you a relaxing experience while you do so.

We do not only provide you with trademark registration services online, but our experts keep track of your trademark application on a continuous basis and update you on the status of your trademark application. Besides facilitating a detailed feasibility report on your trademark before applying, we are also able to assist you in designing a unique business logo by conducting a comprehensive public trademark search.

Key Points of Register trademark in India

Definition:- Trademarks can be logos, designs, shapes, colors, combinations of colors, goods, etc., and they show their uniqueness differently in their design.

Trademark Classes:- There are 45 classes under trademarks according to business activity. Business organizations can register trademarks in multiple classes based on their requirements.

Valuable Assets:- A trademark is another one of the company’s tangible assets that is a very valuable asset to protect the company’s goods and services from being imitated by other companies.

Low cost of registration:- Trademark registration online is extremely affordable when compared with its benefits.

Legal Brand Protection:- Register your trademark under trademark law to prevent third parties from misusing or infringing your mark.

Geographical Coverage:- Registering your trademark online ensures that your company is protected from competitors across the country.

Why should I Register my Business Trademark?

In general, it is widely accepted that a unique brand logo is the most valuable asset of any business. Customers will be able to identify your company or products among competitors’ products that serve in the same field as yours quickly. Investing in a trademark of your unique brand logo is the only way to ensure that your brand logo will be protected from misuse or duplication by others. This can only be accomplished through the application of a trademark of your unique brand logo. As a result, it is very important that before anyone claims ownership of your brand and starts to enjoy any undue advantages, you trademark your brand logo.

How do trademarks, copyrights, and patents differ?

A Words, logos, designs, and combinations of colours and shapes that distinguish a company’s products from those of its competitors are trademarks.

The concept of copyright refers to a creator’s right to use his original literary or artistic work.

A Inventions protected by patents can be commercialized by the patent owner

What is trademark class?

Approximately 45 trademark classes have been defined, and each of them provides a description of the goods and services that constitute each of the 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services, in broad terms. As a result, anyone can navigate intuitively through the trademark classes and register their trademark online based on the business activity that they are engaged in.

TM classes are internationally recognized as the standard classification system for goods and services. Find out more about each class.

Trademark Registration online Process

1 Enter the required information & documents into our website. 

2 Select your package and pay online. Different payment methods are available to you.

3 Before we register a trademark, we will check to see if the design, logo, and shape are unique. 

4 Prepare and obtain the applicant’s signature on the relevant documents in support of the trademark application.

5 Register the trademark online with the department of intellectual property rights. 

6 Acknowledge the trademark and track its status continuously.

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