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It takes a lot of effort, capital, and time to build a brand. Consequently, you need to make sure your brand’s logo, tagline, packaging, sound, fragrance, colour combination, and any other features that give it its unique identity are protected. In the market, trademarks are intellectual property that differentiates your product from other products.

You can register a trademark in India under the Trademark Act,1999. This gives the registered owner exclusive ownership rights over the trademark and prevents other parties from using it.

It is essential to register a trademark in India to protect the brand name and use the “TM” symbol. Trademark registration in India protects the brand name. As the process entails several steps and requires constant government follow-up, it is usually best to seek trademark registration with the assistance of a professional.

Registration of trademarks: eligibility

In India, trademark registration is widely used to protect unique brands, slogans, or invented terms. Individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations can all apply for trademark registration. However, each class of person or entity is required to meet certain requirements for registering a trademark. In India, the following entities are eligible to apply for online trademark registration

Individuals (persons)

Applicants who do not conduct business can also apply for trademark registration for trademarks for symbols or words they intend to use in the future.

Owners jointly

The joint owners of a company may jointly apply for a trademark, and both names must appear on the application.

Founders of a proprietorship

In a proprietorship application, the proprietor’s name will be considered, not the business name and proprietorship name. If you include both names in the application, they will be considered separately.

Firms that specialize in partnerships

When registering a trademark for a partnership company, all the names of the partners must be included. If there is a minor member, the guardianship of that minor must be included.

Partnerships and Limited Liabilities

In the case of a Limited Liability Partnership, the application should be filed in the name of the firm. Since the Limited Liability Partnership is an incorporated company, the partners cannot be the applicant.

Company of the Indians

No matter what form a company takes, such as a private limited or limited company, any incorporated entity must file a trademark application in that entity’s name. A director cannot file a trademark application as an individual.

An international company

Foreign corporations seeking registration of trademarks in India must use their corporate name as it appears in their foreign country registrations, along with the nature, country, and law of the registration.

A society or a trust

An application for trademark filing must be signed by the managing trustee, chairman, or secretary representing the trust or society.

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