FSSAI Declaration: Everything You Need to Know!

What Is the FSSAI?

The nation’s citizens’ safety and health are the responsibility of the food sector. The human body might suffer damage from consuming contaminated and unhealthy food products.

The FSSAI is in charge of overseeing the whole food sector. The top body that oversees the safety and health standards of all food and beverage items in the nation is the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

It establishes a number of regulations and guidelines that every Food Business Operator (FBO) is required to follow. For clarity and simple compliance, the FSSAI has established standards for every type of product produced and distributed in India.

Why Should You Comply with the FSSAI Standards?

In recent years, people’s eating habits have gotten more watchful and cautious. They frequently take note of a product’s legitimacy before consuming it. You might not be able to draw in a solid customer base if your product’s packaging does not display the FSSAI certification number.

The FSSAI, which is the leading organization responsible for regulating the nutritional value of food products, has the authority to severely penalize your company for failing to adhere to its regulatory requirements.

The Structure of an FSSAI Certification Number:

A unique 14-digit number, the FSSAI registration/license number can be broken down into five pieces. Each Food Business Operator is given a unique serial number that ranges from the number’s ninth to fourteenth digits.

Types of FSSAI Certifications:

You must submit an application for one of the following, depending on the annual turnover of your food business:

  • Basic registration: You must apply for registration if your food business has a yearly revenue of less than 12 lakh rupees.
  • State-issued ID You should apply for a state license if your food business has an annual revenue between 12 lakhs and 20 crores.
  • licensing central: You must seek a central license for your food business if it has an annual revenue of more than 20 crores.

The Process to Apply for the Online Application for an FSSAI Registration or License:

Applying for a registration or license with the FSSAI online is now simpler and just requires a few quick steps.

  1. Go to the FoSCoS website.
  2. Choose the category to which your business belongs from the list of business types (KOB).
  3. Fill out “Form A” if you want to register with FSSAI, and “Form B” if you want to apply for a license from FSSAI.
  4. Send in all the paperwork. Self-declaration is a required form.
  5. Make the application’s payment.
  6. The authorities will examine your information. You will be given a 14-digit unique FSSAI registration/license number if the FSSAI is pleased.

What Is the FSSAI Declaration:

You must submit a declaration form in accordance with regulation 2.5.1 of the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 in order to apply for registration or a license. The food company may designate an employee who oversees the branch or unit in the FSSAI declaration as someone who will be accountable for any violations of the FSSAI regulations.

According to the FSSAI’s requirements, the document must be in the declaration format. The FSSAI declaration may be printed on the food business operator’s letterhead. The owner, partner, director, or someone with permission to apply for FSSAI certification may all sign this paper.

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