Common Bookkeeping Myths Busted

There can be no overstatement of how important bookkeeping is to any business. Despite this, there are many myths surrounding bookkeepers and what they do for businesses. The job of an accountant is quite different from that of an accountant, who is often confused with them. A bookkeeper can greatly benefit your business, but these myths prevent many business owners from hiring one.

6 myths about online bookkeeping services will be busted in this article to assist you in making an informed decision to understand what is book keeping in accounting.

  1. Bookkeeping is only about data entry

Typically, invoices are entered into a spreadsheet for bookkeeping purposes. There may be a combination of historical bookkeeping and movie representations that led to the myth. The manual entry of data was time-consuming and necessary in the past. Over the years, however, technology has altered the role of the bookkeeper.

There is a great deal of emphasis placed on internal auditing, taxes, payroll processing, cash flow management, preparing financial reports, and managing accounts payable and receivable. Aside from the rest of the data entry, all financial transactions must be recorded.

  1. You can easily do it yourself

A great article on this topic can be found here. Bookkeeping can either be done by yourself or by someone else. Whether it’s time or money, that’s the question. Some businesses invest their time because it is the most cost-effective and easiest option. It is quite feasible to do DIY at that size.

A point comes, however, when the time commitment becomes burdensome. You could spend your time working on your business, saving money, or spending time with your family. It might be a better investment to invest in your bookkeeping when that is the case.

Whether or not this myth applies to a given organization is determined by its type and size. There are some businesses that can benefit from it, but not all.

  1. Accounting software can do the bookkeeping for you

There are probably a lot of people who wish this was true. It is even possible that some software developers are using artificial intelligence to make this myth come true. Despite automation and artificial intelligence reducing the number of manual processes involved in bookkeeping, they have not fully replaced a bookkeeper. The bookkeeping process requires a large amount of time.

Your business can also benefit from many new services provided by bookkeepers. Using these services, they assist your business in analyzing financial data and making financial decisions. It is not possible to get rid of debt or improve cash flow with accounting software programs at present.

  1. Accountants are a better hire than a bookkeeper

Your business benefits greatly from having an accountant or bookkeeper on staff. There is no difference between the two, since they perform different tasks. Keeping your business running smoothly relies on both of them. Generally, it is beneficial to work together. An accountant uses raw data to draft financial statements and perform audits, while a bookkeeper collects raw data and monitors performance every day. In addition, bookkeepers and accountants maintain your tax and BAS records for you.

  1. You only need a bookkeeper during tax time

A bookkeeper does not do your taxes. A tax accountant specializes in this type of work. The bookkeeper will assist your accountant in preparing financial statements at tax time, but will not take over their duties. Your bookkeepers work year-round and need that time to put together accurate financial statements, not to mention complete other tasks.

During tax season, you shouldn’t hire a bookkeeper. The beginning of a new fiscal year is the best time to hire a bookkeeper.  

  1. Only big businesses need bookkeepers

Bookkeeping can be beneficial to small businesses as well. The bookkeeping needs of small businesses are greater, as well as the need for bookkeepers. Bookkeeping tasks are handled by the business owner without a bookkeeper. Your bookkeeping may seem easy when you start your business, but as your sales increase and your business grows, it gets more complicated.

The owner would spend a lot of time doing bookkeeping on a regular basis. Small businesses still need bookkeepers, even if they don’t need as many as large ones.


The importance of bookkeeping in small businesses cannot be overstated. Automation of your business’s finances allows you to focus on growing your business rather than managing it.

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