Change in Address of Registered Office: A Step-by-Step Process

A change in the address of a company’s registered office is a significant event that requires proper documentation and adherence to legal procedures. Whether your company is relocating to a new city or simply shifting to a different address within the same locality, it is crucial to follow the prescribed process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to facilitate a smooth and successful change in the address of your company’s registered office.

Step 1: Board Resolution 

The first step towards changing the address of your registered office is to convene a board meeting and pass a resolution approving the proposed change. This resolution should be duly recorded in the minutes of the meeting, along with the specific details of the new address. It is vital to ensure that the resolution is passed by the requisite majority of directors as per your company’s articles of association.

Step 2: Shareholder Approval 

Once the board resolution is passed, the next step is to obtain the approval of the shareholders through a special resolution. A general meeting must be convened, and the notice of the meeting should clearly state the purpose of changing the registered office address. During the meeting, the shareholders will vote on the resolution, and it must be approved by a special majority as prescribed by company law.

Step 3: Filing with Registrar of Companies 

After obtaining the necessary approvals, you must file the necessary documents with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) within the stipulated time frame. The required documents typically include a copy of the board resolution, the special resolution passed by the shareholders, and a new address proof, such as a utility bill or a lease agreement. It is essential to ensure that the documents are correctly filled out and signed by authorized signatories.

Step 4: Publication in Official Gazette 

Upon acceptance of the documents by the RoC, the company is required to publish a notice regarding the change of address in the Official Gazette and at least one local newspaper in the region where the registered office is located. This serves as a public notification of the address change and allows stakeholders and interested parties to update their records accordingly.

Step 5: Update Company Records 

Finally, it is essential to update all relevant company records and documents with the new address. This includes updating the memorandum and articles of association, letterheads, business cards, website, and any other material that displays the registered office address. Additionally, it is crucial to inform all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and regulatory authorities, about the change in address to ensure seamless communication and avoid any potential disruptions.


Change in address of registered office involves a series of crucial steps that must be followed meticulously. By adhering to the process outlined in this guide, you can ensure compliance with legal requirements and minimize any potential complications. It is advisable to seek professional advice or consult an experienced company secretary to assist you throughout the process and ensure accurate and timely completion. Remember that a smooth transition during the change in address is essential to maintain your company’s reputation and uphold the trust of your stakeholders.

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